1ª Jornada Nacional de Agroalimentos y Sostenibilidad

Dr. Luis Miguel Ortega Mora, CEO of Saluvet-Innova and Full Professor at UCM, will participate in the “1ª Jornada Nacional de Agroalimentos y Sostenibilidad” organised by Universidad Nacional Villa María. The conference will be held on 7th June in Argentina. It’s aim is to gather experts on broad topics such as Animal Health and Production.  Moreover, all over the first week of June, he will give a workshop about Neospora caninum and its diagnosis and control techniques in collaboration with HIPRA as part of HIPRA University. This project’s objective is to provide updated training for veterinary professionals. Laboratories where the workshop will be run are INTA (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria), Laboratorio Dorronsoro and Laboratorio Villa María.Haz clic aquí para editar.

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