SALUVET-innova S.L. has obtained financing for the development of new products through the last call of the NEOTEC Program in the year 2017. The NEOTEC Program financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology of the Spanish Government has as its main objective the support for the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies. As a Technological Base Company of the Complutense University of Madrid, SALUVET-innova S.L. bases its business strategy on the exploitation of products and services that requires the use of technologies or knowledge that are implemented in SALUVET-innova S.L. from the research activity of the SALUVET Group of the Complutense University of Madrid. Among others, SALUVET-innova S.L. has as specific purpose the development, production and commercialization of an effective vaccine against bovine abortion produced by neosporosis currently under evaluation. In a further step, the specific objective of the present project is the improvement and implementation of the vaccine under the DIVA strategy, through the development of a serological test for the discrimination of vaccinated animals and infected animals. This tool is fundamental in the control plans of infectious diseases, so its development will mean a revaluation of the product and will facilitate its delivery to the market.

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