Diagnostic Reagents

SALUVET-innova produces diagnostic reagents derived from the parasites Neospora caninum, Toxoplasma gondii and Besnoitia besnoiti grown in vitro and control sera against these species produced in the target hosts.

Antigens used in ELISA consist of protein extracts obtained by physical methods from purified tachyzoites.
Antigens for IFAT tests are prepared from purified and fixed tachyzoites to ensure antigenicity and parasite morphology.

In each production batch is checked the integrity, purity, protein concentration, as well as the inter-batch repeatability in the diagnostic tests under our quality standards.

Veterinary laboratory reagents

SALUVET-innova employs these immunological reagents in its in house diagnostic tests and supplies these reagents to prestigious international companies engaged in the manufacture of diagnostic tests for Animal Health. Product price under previous request.

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