Diagnosis of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in Animals

SALUVET-innova offers a quality service in the
diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases in animals.

SALUVET-innova is a reference in the diagnosis of diseases affecting cattle and specialist in:

  • Parasitic diseases (neosporosis, toxoplasmosis, besnoitiosis).
  • Venereal diseases (trichomonosis and bovine genital campylobacteriosis).
diagnostic antigens
  • For further information about our diagnostic service
    1. ​​Download the diagnostic request form and fill it out.
    2. ​​You can send it to us by email or together with the sending of the samples.  
If at any time you have questions about the most appropriate technique or the way to collect the sample, feel free to contact us. SENDING SAMPLES A correct sampling will depend on the success of later diagnosis. A representative sample, properly collected, and well preserved sample is a sign of quality, which is the first step for a reliable diagnosis. For the diagnosis of bovine Trichomonosis and genital Campylobacteriosis you can request the material for sampling. Along with the material you will receive a document with instructions for proper collection and storage of samples. COURIER SERVICE In order to choose the most convenient and economical option, the customer will pay for the courier charges. We work with MRW, for the shipment of material, although we can work with any company chosen by our customers. RESULTS Results will be sent by email, unless the customer requests the results must be sent in a different way. The timing to send the results will depend on the diagnosis requested.
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