Screening of Effective Drugs for Animals

SALUVET-innova is a reference in the standardization of in vitro models and the development of animal models for diseases caused by protozoa parasites: neosporosis, besnoitiosis, toxoplasmosis and cryptosporidiosis. All the models have been completely normalized and refined, determining variables that ensure their reproducibility: isolate, dose and route of inoculation where appropriate.

In vitro models are essential for screening and to determine the efficacy of existing drugs and identify new active compounds. Animal models are the basis for the evaluation of drugs and vaccines against infection and clinical consequences.

Drug Screening Against Neosporosis, Toxoplasmosis and Cryptosporidiosis

Currently, the SALUVET research group is evaluating the safety and efficacy of several new generation inhibitors of protein kinases (BKIs) in in vitro and in vivo models against Toxoplasma gondiiNeospora caninum and Besnoitia besnoiti infections. In addition, it has identified two drugs already marketed that are effective against infection by Besnoitia besnoiti in vitro, which could be suitable for treatment.

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Modelos In Vitro
Modelos In Vitro